Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight construction material with outstanding properties used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential application.  AAC obtained by pore-forming of the mixture with finely crushed sand or fly ash, water, cement and burned lime with the addition of aluminum powder/paste and being cured with steam under pressure (autoclave).
The cellular structure is achieved by a chemical process causing aeration, the reaction of a small quantity of aluminum paste with the alkaline lime & cement . This reaction causes the release of hydrogen gas and the formation of tiny, finely dispersed bubbles. The hydrogen dissipates after the reaction process leaving the air filled bubbles. 

After mixing, the slurry is placed in a mould for curing. For products that require reinforcing, the corrosion protected steel reinforcing mesh is placed in the mould after the slurry is added. After a few hours curing the product is firm enough to be removed from the moulds and transported to a cutting machine where it is cut precisely into the required sizes. Waste material is recycled back for crushing and remixing.