Project engineering and design

The project engineering and design includes: 
- factory and machine layout suited to requirements with an optimized process layout and extension plan
- machine positions, pipe specification, connection points
- workshop size, dimensions and other requirements
- raw material area and stockyard plan
- access and internal roads and driveways
- foundation plan and documentation for machinery

Installation and Commissioning

The YUANZHU crew on-site will perform the installation and commissioning of supplied equipment and control systems and will be working on-site, supervising the skilled personnel made available by the Purchaser to ensure the erection and commissioning is carried out in time and in accordance with the technical requirements. The YUANZHU manning level on-site will be depending on the scope of the contract and the site planning and will generally consist of: Site manager, Mechanical supervisors, Electrical supervisors, Control system specialists and Process specialists. 

After Sales Services

The After Sales services covers but not limited to:
- Maintenance visits and reports
- Spare part delivery
- Distanced monitoring and trouble shooting 

Operational service and support

For the challenging initial period of operation YUANZHU provides technical and technological training and support, enabling the customer achieve designed capacity and product quality. The scope of this service depends on customers experience in AAC industry and qualification level of customers personal. 

Sales and Marketing support

On customers request our experts can provide support for Sales and Marketing by using our long experiences in AAC industry. This service can extend for application installation training