#VIETBUILD INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION# is the largest exhibition in the construction industry in Vietnam, and it is also the most professional, authoritative, and important exhibition with the best trade opportunities in Vietnam. The exhibition will showcase the latest products, equipment, technology, and services, promoting people's use of the latest construction products and technologies. The exhibition is held four times a year, and has successfully held 33 times so far. During the exhibition, there are exhibitions such as the Architectural Knowledge Corner, Architectural and Related Education Exhibition, International Architect Design Exhibition, and world-class lecturers and exhibitors' seminars.

At this exhibition, AIRCRETE collaborated with Zhejiang Yuanzhu Heavy Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., an intelligent manufacturing base in China, to introduce the unique and advanced horizontal cutting technology, high-speed dual line cutting frame, AAC characteristics of ultra smooth surfaces, and AAC series products such as ultra-thin 35mm exterior wall decorative panels. At the same time, we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with potential customers, which can be said to achieve a win-win situation!

Yuanzhu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has introduced AIRCRETE EUROPE's globally recognized leading technology in the research and manufacturing of autoclaved aerated concrete equipment to China, producing according to strict European standards, and is committed to designing and providing customers with the most innovative turnkey engineering and cutting-edge factory technology. Provide more environmentally friendly, efficient, and high-quality building material technology for tomorrow's world.

AIRCRETE Thank you all for coming,
Thank you VIETBUILD INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION for providing a platform to host the grand event!